Yamaha R1 2015-2017 Mupo Fork Cartridge Kit K911 30mm Pistons New

Yamaha R1 2015-2017 Mupo Fork Cartridge Kit K911 30mm Pistons New

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This new cartridge has been developed thanks to the experience acquired during the races supported by us.

The two main technical features are the piston diameter and the K911 system. 

The 30 mm piston can guarantee an excellent progressive rebound for having an “infinite” setting possibilities.
This characteristic can satisfy any use of bikers. The K911 is a new mechanic system that allows varying the spring elastic constant in the fork without physical replacement of the spring. 

This solution (Patent Pending) guarantees the possibility to obtain diverse suspension rigidities.

It offers to the rider many setting possibilities in any conditions. Another important technical feature offered by system K911 is the possibility to modify the spring stiffness simply, in a very short time, without replacing components. These modifications can be executed in a very short time lap, for example, it takes few seconds from the race start to establish a new set-up of the motorbike if the weather conditions modify (dry-wet). 

Adjustment features:

5 spring settings K (constant)
Rebound 40 positions
Compression 40 positions
Spring preload 30 positions (mm 15) 

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