PZRacing BoxStation Rider-Pits Message System Ducati 848 1098 1198 Monster 1200
PZRacing BoxStation Rider-Pits Message System Ducati 848 1098 1198 Monster 1200
PZRacing BoxStation Rider-Pits Message System Ducati 848 1098 1198 Monster 1200
PZRacing BoxStation Rider-Pits Message System Ducati 848 1098 1198 Monster 1200

PZRacing BoxStation Rider-Pits Message System Ducati 848 1098 1198 Monster 1200

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BS100+CA100 BoxStation+Capture


PZ-Racing "BoxStation-Capture" communication system between pits & rider


This Formula 1 type of messaging system eliminates the use of old pit boards.


BoxStation is the latest communications console between the pit and the rider.

You can finally say goodbye to inconvenient pit boards, thanks to BoxStation’s user-friendly touch screen monitor and Capture module, which you attach to your bike.

BoxStation is equipped with a 60-symbol touch screen device which displays the message you want to send, and the Capture module which, when installed on the motorbike, displays the message typed in the BoxStation when crossing the finish line.

Boxstation is capable of managing up to 3 different lines of communication meaning it is possible to communicate with 3 riders at the same time.

The internal batteries last up to 200 hours and smart access to the batteries allows you to change them without having to open the device.

BoxStation comes provided with a handy case which allows you to carry the device around without the risk of damaging it.


Main differences BoxStation/old pit boards:


It often happens, due to overtaking on a straight line, and because of the presence of too many tables at the same time that riders are unable to see their message and lose communication. This is no longer the case with BoxStation, the rider can safely read the message anywhere on the track.


With the old tables you were forced to carefully monitor the rider and to show the message at the right time. Now, none of this is necessary, simply type your message on the keyboard and Box Station will transmit it to the rider at the right time.



To date, every rider must have his own table and a dedicated person in charge of preparing and showing the table to the rider, now with BoxStation you can manage up to 3 riders from a single position saving money and resources within the team.




The standard aluminum pit board is bulky and heavy while BoxStation, thanks to its ABS shell, is light and practical.


The standard tables can be read from across the pit lane, making the message public, with BoxStation the message will remain private between the team and the rider.


The pilot can remain focused on his riding even when passing the finishing line, certain in the knowledge that he can read the communication anywhere on the track.


  • It transmits up to 16 characters in a map containing 60 symbols
  • 4 GHz work frequency (compatible with EN 300328, EN 301489 European & worlwide FCC)
  • Fully unaffected by interference from similar systems operating on the same frequency
  • Integrated antenna
  • It can manage up to 3 Capture modules at the same time
  • Automatic association of the Capture modules
  • State of the art touch screen panel, also useable with gloves
  • Capture modules with graphic display
  • Flat battery LED
  • Protective case
  • Size (BoxStation): 220x140x40mm
  • Size (Capture) 76x63x32mm
  • Weight (BoxStation): 410gr
  • Power (BoxStation): 3xAAA (batteries last up to 200 hours autonomously)
  • Power (Capture): 12V external

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