Ducati 748 916 996 998 PZRacing Gear Indicator + Shift Light + Speed Sensor Kit

Ducati 748 916 996 998 PZRacing Gear Indicator + Shift Light + Speed Sensor Kit

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GT400+SS100G Geartronic² + Speed sensor kit

PZ-Racing "Geartronic²" universial gear indicator with shift light

Simply uses the wires: -+/Speed/RPM.

LCD display with 6 colors selectable by the rider. 


✔ The fastet gear indicator. 

✔ Shift light with 5 progression levels.

✔ LCD with 6 back light colors selected as you go.

✔ Clear vision even under direct sunlight.

✔ Huge 25x22mm display in 50x40x21mm unit.

✔ Water and weather resistant.

Additional information

Digital gear and shiftlight indicator which is completely run by microprocessor, showing the correct gear immediately.

Easy to install on any kind of motorcycle, complete with instructions for installation on the most common motorcycles.

Enables the rider to reach 5 different levels of engine revs and the levels of intervention can be decided directly by the rider.

GearTronic² now is the fastest aftermarket gear indicator.

GearTronic² has a 25x22mm LCD display with 6 different backlight: RED, GREEN, ORANGE, VIOLET, LIGHT BLUE, BLUE.

Thanks to a specific system interface, besides being installed on fast motorcycles, it can be installed on any kind of vehicle like Quads, Motard, Cross, Custom, Rally cars etc.

Instructions will be included. As with all motor parts professional installation is recommended.

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