Kawasaki ZX10R 2011-2015 EXAN X-Black Evo Exhaust Slipon Silencer Carbon Cap New

Kawasaki ZX10R 2011-2015 EXAN X-Black Evo Exhaust Slipon Silencer Carbon Cap New

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EXAN X-Black Evo Exhaust Slip-On Silencer


  • Hydroformed cone silencer, made from real Inox. 
  • Black Satin finish & exclusive hand made Carbon fiber cap. 
  • Power and acceleration gain with a distinct sound.
  • Road legal with removable DB killer.
  • Handmade in Italy includes full 2 years warranty. 
  • Mounting hardware included for a perfect fitment. 

Hydroforming is a innovative technology that uses highly pressurized fluid to form metal by injecting it into a tube sealed in molds, causing it to expand into the shape of the mold. This does not only create exclusive smooth lines, it also creates a rigid lightweight exhaust with a distinct sound.

Performance is kept high thanks to hydroforming as the tubes' diameter remains constant also when it is bent.

Exan company was founded in 1996 and is located in Monza Italia, the heart of the motorcycle world. Exan uses its own Dyno machine to bench test the line of exhausts on each bike model, ensuring a true and real improvement to the performance.

We are authorized distributors on-line since 2006 and carry all available EXAN options for your bike.

We are a team of riders and bike addicts, our staff speaks English, Italian and French. 

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